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tv   Local 10 News 11PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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frightening crime is caught on camera. >> anchor: a bomb shell for hillary clinton, potentially damaging news, and now her rivals are on the attack. >> anchor: dog dump, that is until an animal loving neighborhood comes to the rescue of this pooch.
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>> anchor: and i'm calvin >> a developing story, a fatal fight at a home when three bandits storm in, police say five people were home and tried to fight off the invaders one of them would not make it out alive. let's go live to the scene. >> anchor: local 10 news reportser there with the latest, dorell? >> reporter: calvin, a.d janine, that gunfire happened just beyond these gates. but when police arrived, those three gunmen were already gone. >> reporter: the guards and gates at the monterey housing
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three enmen who slipped past security, and targeted a single family home. >> itppears to be a home invasion. >> inside the house, seen here, in these images were three women, and two men, who appantly were all surprised by the intruders. >> three males, approached the house, knocked on the door, and then once they opened the door, is when they forced themselves in. >> anchor: we are told some of the victims tried to fight back, but one of the suspects pulled out a gun, and shot to death the 26-year-old man. two women were also injured during the struggle, but they received nonlife threatening injuries, the three bandits took off. but comes are now hoping c ceras at the entrances to the commute can help provide more clues. >> we still are awaiting to get better description, all we know is three males in hoodies that fled. unknown what the motive, is it appears to be robbery, but we don't know until we do an inventory of the resident, exactly what was taken.
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detectives from miami dade police are still reviewing thesurveillance cameras images from this housing community, ande also know that those two women who were taken to the hospital, they are expected to be okay. but police want to catch one the individuals involved so if you have any information, you are urged to call crime stoppers that number now on your screen, 305-471-tips. local 10 news. >> anchor: thank you. a defensnsattorney is banned from broward county jails after she allegedly was caught having sex with an inmate. the man she was caught with is accused of four felony charges including attempted murder. local 10 news reporter live now with the story for us, derek? >> and tonight that defense attorney havavg to come up with a defense of her own, accused of having sex with one of her clients an inmate herereand the$ broward sheriffs office says that is not part of the attorney/client privilege. attorney jessica my shall lay is
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county jail facacity.her picture up, after allegedly getting caught having sex with one of her clients. 26-year-old israel granda who is charged withttempted murder. >> completely false allegations. and 35-year-old married defense attorney now hiring an attorney of her own. >> we believe there's an n l terrier motive by the sheriffs office at this time. >> you believe the incident was fabricated? >> absolutely. >> but a b.o.s. incident report says they a guard saw them enganged in sex. saying she was bent over at the waste,s while his body was pressed firmly with his hands around her, and this is not the first incident of misconduct. earlier this month, she was fired from her job at the office of criminal conflict. because of misconduct in a performance of her duties.
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result of another alleged incident withher client, whenn he was at the miami dade jail. >> it was alleged incident. >> her foreign suggesting there may be some collusion between the miami dade and broward sheriffs offices. to tarnish her name. tonight they are demanding she be aowed to see her clients,, and be let back in the jails. >> her face is all over the news, she is a private attorney, she needs to see her clients. she was deading their rights and their rights are violated right now. they are not being allowed to see their council. >> the sheriffs office saying they are not denying anyone their right to council, in this case they are simply keeping them physically apart, and she is mott allowed in the jail, they can still communicate on the phone or possibly in court. she is not facing any criminal charges at this time, but the state bar has apparently been made aware of this incident. we are live in ft. lauderdale, local 10 news.
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police say an 18-year-old was shot and killed leading to a lock down of two schools. the teen was shot dead in the middle of the street, bullet casings littered the frowned, nearorthwest 26th avenue and 50 second street. both middle and earlington heights were placed on temporary lock down. the victims name has not been released but police say he was an adult educationtudent. witnesses tell police that a dark colored vehicle was seen leavin the area. police are investigating a death in pembroke pines. police have not yet released any details but they have classified this as an active homicide investigation. >> caught on camera, a 13-year-old boy is harassed and robbed by an armed man right outside of a charter school. camming rahs show the g gman yank off his chain, and the gunman demands the child's bracelet, he he doesn't take it off quickly enough, the thief then rips thatff too. classmates described this scene
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>> we are standing at the corner, i think he watched us when we walked to 7-11. when we where are walking back, he ran across the street. >> he said if you don't give me your bracelet i will shoot you, and he shored him a gun. >> this happened on northwest 12th avenue right near the sports leadership and management academy where that student goes to school. >> now toote 2015, the caucus count down is on, and candidates only have one more weekend to win over voters. something that just got hearted for hillary clinton. live in des moines iowa with the latest. >> no doubt, janine, the last thing any candidate needs at this point is a reason to give y caucus goer a doubt. well news today there were indeed somewhilely classified emails, government emails on her private home server. that could be that doubt this weekend.
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clinton's first eventntin des moines. >> i need you to come caucus monday night. >> the white house revealed 22 highly classified government emails were among those on her personal home computer rver. ough here is what she repeated just this week. >> notng i did was wrong. it was not in anyway prohibited. >> whether hlary gets indicted depends on whether the obama white house wants to indict her. >> g.o.p. pounced. ever calling ate disgrace, marco rubio and clinton iowa, a disqualifier. >> maybe shehinks she is above the law. or maybe she just wanted the convenience of b bng able to read her stuff on her blackberry. >> jeb bush was in care roll iowa. >> as it relates to trustworthiness, and honesty she has lot way to go, not just what i think, she is having a hard time in the democratic primary. >> today i think we a a nip and tuck. >> vermont senator goes into the
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with clinton, in a state where four in ten democrats identify as socialist like he does. >> how about investing in education, jobs for our kids. >> sanders crowds are the raucous before the democratic caucus. republican front runnedonald trump gets those, today he continued to question number two ted cruz's ability to run, as he was born in canada to a u.s. citizen. >> ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. >> all of these candidates making all of these cases all over this state. throughout the weekendnd to a few hundred people at a time, sometimes to a few dozen people at a time, that's how intis mate and upclose theserecaucuses can be, we have the scheduled
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be in aims, and cedar rap bids manchester, hubbard, sioux city. everywhere that there are voters they will go this weekend, will it be a crazy schedule. calvin,anine, and we will be do doing as much as that with them as we. >> a lot of work before monday, you. >> in the first f state visit of a cuban visit there. and come monday, when castro meets with french president, cuban will be free of any more debt. in fact, france has already forgotten more than $8 billion and now another $390 million. >> still ahead a school bus scare, when it runs off the road, coming up the frightening moments and students were onboard at the time. >> and double trouble when two
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i'm cheat meteorologist betty davis, it is chilly out there, i will let you know what kd of temperatures you will wake up to. >> a dog dumped and now people are pitching in to find it a new home, find out how you can help after the break. >> and monday at 6:00. >> a law abiding citizens is putting guns on the street. >> you won't believe how easily guns are gettingng in the wrong hands, janine stanwood on how to
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home safe home, monday at 6:00. >> an an bay donned dog has found a place to call home for now at an animal hospital after being found dumped in a miami neighborhood. his name is joey, and he had been set one a cardboard box. >> anchor: after a few cold nights some neighbors gave him a little love and the animal recovery mission stepped in. >> anchor: maybe he is a little
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nothing a bag of treats can't cure. we met joey and hisew digs inside alton road animal hospital, his old digs looks like this, abandoned five daysago on a street coroner miami's spring garden neighborhood. >> we don't know who left him. >> we think that's the cruelest thick, on the coldest day. >> everybody found him shivering scared, he was just a mess. >> it didn't takeong for the neighborhood block to fill with posts about it's new canine neighbor, and. >> everybody in thisneighborhood are dog lovers and little by little i started to see a box, a tarp, food, water. >> he was very toasty and warm in his hut until it got wet, of course. >> those neighbors also contacted the animal recovery mission, a rescue group which was ableo get joey to the vet. >> this is one reason why i love spring gardens, it is a community we stick tot. >> that includes the humans and the animals.
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asking for $500 to help with medical bills so far people have donated more than trip that will amount. >> we janet to get him into a loving home. >> he is going to maybe somebody for have hay. >> i love his little ear, he underwevt a full medical examination, if you would like to contribute to his recovery, we have a link to his go fund me now on >> now to some wild weather, where two missive sink holes shut down a highway, the sink holespened up thursday after a heavy rainstorm in the area, you can see the two just feet away from each other, the oregon department of transportation says repairs will take at least one week >> llyr at home, no rain thankfully. >> anchor: yes, it was chilly. you got a chance to step outside, it is refreshing i thin i say what we made it through yesterday and the day before,
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there, not so much today very chillyndeed, pompano beach, and pembroke pine as lot of 60's out there, the winds have changed have settled in for tonight, and look at you miami, looking fantastic out there. nice and free and clear. we definitely have our swagger back as we are stepping into the weekend, right now 56 for the m.i.a., we are looking at fifth five, it is chilly enough, but we will probably going to lose a few more degrees by tomorrow. so we are forecasting a low. kendal may fall off to 49, and pembroke pines around 59-degrees so the chill will be on, waking up to 61 down near key west. we are noticing that thehe winds are very yale and light at this point so with the mid to high level clouds still coming in with the southwesterly flow, that could keep our temperatures from hitting as chilly as they possibly could hit by tomorrow morning.
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50's will be widespread, so the cloud and radar shows clouds but no rainfall o o there, our atmosphere is stable as we are stepping into the weekend, so for tomorrow, it is all about the temperaturess chilly start to the day, and then we are milder, as our winds start to become easterly, and then on sunday, with that easterly flow, we are expecting even warmer conditions with our temperatures possibly reaching near 80 degrees in some of your communities so a chilly start tomorrow, before the numbers bound, you probably forgot what is average for this time of the year, and we will take a look at that in rah second, but first if you are heading out, the rip current risk it is low, the u.v. index is high no advisories on the watats, seas running two to three feet, east northeast, five to ten miles per hour, i should say. now the normal low for this time of the year,s low 60's,
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so we are pretty far away from that, the normal high is around 77, and we will be closer to that 77 by sunday. so here we go, another recap of the forecast, for tomorrow, lower 50's in the morning, highs reaching the lower 70's, we will still have some clouds, mixing with the sunshine, but it should be a great day if you have anything to do outside. by sunday, highs in the upper 70's, monday still the upper 70's but a 1st% chance for rain, so that will return to the forecast, ground hog day is tuesday, by thursday we are trackinghe next cold front. and that one brings us a chance for rain. soe will be on our toes again, next week. we want to remind you your weather authority, always watching and tracking, meteorologist trent aric will be in for meteorologist jennifer correia. >> okay, betty thank you, still ahead, a near death experience, at only three days old. coming off baby calf wanders too far from safety, falling into a frozen pond, what it took to save him.
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sells for more than $2 million. but then it has to be reduced to rubble before the new owners can even move in. >> across america, with megajackpots it is megamillions. what's up next, friday january y th and tonight's megamillions jackpot is an estimated annuitized $56 million. to win that jackpot, you must match these five white balls plus that gold megaball. now let's see if i can make you a millionaire. 28, that's followed by 51. up next, we have 20. your next number is 52, and your final white ball is 49. now tonight's megaball number is 6. again, 28, 51, 20, 52, 49, and the gold megaball is 6, no one matches all six, tuesday's
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play on, america. [one of three fugitives on the lose has reportedly turned himself in.he flagged down a person on the streets of santa anna and told him he wanted to turn himself in. he and two other inmates and 37-year-old escaped oneneeek ago that escape reportedly involved cutting through steel bars and repelling down the jails roof, using bed sheets, t tight fishes say they believe the two men are still on the lose, and they might be in san jose. the so called affluenza teen is back in u.s. custody in texas in a juvenile detention center, ethan couch who is now 18 could have his case moved to adult court, although his attorneys
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judge has ruled that double will stay in juvenile detention until a final decision was made. he is back in the united states after being taken into custody in mexico. >> mrs. a very intense effort underway tonight, to stop the spread of the zika virus. more than 30 cases have been reported in the u.s. all from travels overseas. and the virus has reached pandemic levels in brazil with more than 1 million cases s far. the mosquito born disease can impact pregnan women and their unborn babies. more than 4,0000 babies have been effected inside brazil. this was just released showing the bus swerving back and forth. >> it goes off the road. the bus hood flies up before it
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were onboard, but nobody was injured. >> also caught on camera, a near death experience for a calf in indiana after it got trapped on an ice covered pond, this calf only three days old, when it slipped through a fence and entered up on the icic the owner spotted that calf struggling to walk, and knew that he couldn't risk walking on the ice himself, so he calleded the sheriffs office, who came through with a rope as you can see. with a multimillion dollars home in san francisco was demolished ov concerns about it's stability. the hillside where that home ts has been sliding and city officials were concerned that the home was in h serious danger of falling over. so they took s eps to demolish the home before it collapsed. no onenows why the ground underneath that home has been shifting. >> calvin coming up next, a thriller in p milwaukee, dwayne wade back wheree played his college ball, and playing role
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>> first, tonight's winning cash three, play four, and your lucky
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>> time now for your mercedes-benz sports report. no one can question the team's toughness, they try to get out a third strght road win tonight. they did get good news in
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they look much betr. he scored 12 in his return. then in the third it is dwayne wade off a great feed. this one was tight in the fourth quarter. who do the heat go to, the closer, number three he goes for 24 points including ten of the last think teen, they win it 7-103. this is a great win for us, a place we haven'tad much success, at the end of a long trip, and not even road trip, so it's good. >> the cavaliers visited the pistons lebron he has a chance to make the highlight reel, oh boy. oh my goodness. >> now he does passhe 26000. mark but this is what we are going to remember. >> oh,en man..
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preview for next friday, cavs do win it by eight. to the ice where jagr is ready to be an all star during all star media day, the soon to be 44-year-old, says the slow start to the season was actually a blessing in disguise. and a good thing nobody knew about the panic. and g.m., nobody. there was good to see. a young team, they need to k"ow how to win. 12 games out of loss, you reques see the confidence growing and young kids. they enter the game, they know. no way they will lose tonht. >> now football's version the pro bowl, t teting out this picture of all the fins probowlers today i i hawaii that one kicks off on sunday. and it's the first day of baseball practice.the canes six and the coaches poll, after making it all the
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world series last year, that's somewhere they would love to get back. >> it's the first day, it is like christmas. i'm excited to get out there and take this team to the series. >> that's your mercedes-benz sports report. >> so lebron probably scored with 20. >> it is the two that he didn't get, that i am sure. >> that's the best. >> that was the best highlight ever. >> good bonding. >> all right, betty, who are we snuggling with tonight? >> husbands, i don't know. >> i think he is hinting at something here.
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>> you call itst t tt1 italics cc1 test message
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